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Nearly time!

Hi Guys Nearly time for my show on Redlight TV tonight! Starts10 pm Call me for some horny fun! Dont miss it! Kandi xx



Hi Guys

Dont forget to check out my show on Redlight TV tonight! Im on from 10 pm and Iwill, as always, be being very, very rude! Dont miss it!

Kandi xxxx



Phone me tonight on my TV show!!

Hi Guys & Girls

Dont forget to checkout my TV show tonight on Sky channel 911 at Redlight TV!! I’m on from 9pm.
You can also see on the web at www.redlightcentral.tv/

Cum watch me and give me a call xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Busy, Busy ,Busy!

Hiya Guys!

Been soooooooooo busy so not been able to update here so much but gonna try and make sure that you get lots more juicy news in future!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm juicy! xxxxxxx



I’m Back!!!

Hey everyone!

Sorry its been a while since my last blog, been loads going on! Just got back from a week in Egypt which was amazing! Got myself some nice white bits and had loads of sun, sea and naughty sex :)

So you’ve probably realised i’m not on babestation any more… But don’t worry, i’ve not gone far, just a few channels up to Red Light Central! Having a great time there and there’s loads of new girls for me to play with! I’ll let you all know what days i’m on thru facebook and twitter but if you want to get them in your diary my dates for this month (March 2012) are 14th, 19th 20th and 21st. Might try and sneak in a few more if i can too so keep an eye on my twitter – @kandi_kayxxx – follow meeeeee!!!!!!

And this friday night (16th March) i’m doing a police women theme show on www.glamourstarslive.com !! I won’t be doing private chat before or after as I am going to a fancy dress party wearing my police women outfit .. Come and see how sexy and slutty I’ll be looking at the party while I giv u a sneak preview and a sexy naked dance before I go out and hit the town .. Help me get in the mood. Tickets on sale now at www.glamourstarslive.com

Speak to you all soon guys! Gotta go now, off to RLC for a night of phone filth with you all, might even show you my white bits….

Love ya xxxxxxxxxx



Happy New Year!!

Hi guys .. sorry you havent herd frm me in a while.. firstly id like to say Happy new year to all my fans, and thank you all for showing interest in me and my website.

2012 has started off great for me, the shows at Babestation tv are going great, you lot seem to get naughty every night… if you have been watching youl of seen recently i have appeared on Babestation Extreme (our sister channel full of dirty porn lol) ive been doing some little extras on there .. sexy strip tease and i am loving it. so hopefully youl be seeing more of me on there.. we have also mixed things up a little and are having lots of fun on Babestation Blue.. we have had party themes and also balloons for those that like fetish… cant say i am too keen on bouncing on them and them popping on my ass tho! lol ;-) i have also started doing a little bit of Domination .. so any slaves, come my way!
i hope you are all still loving the show and me… pls leave comments on here as i love getting feedback frm you.

be sure to add my FB profile and follow me on twitter – @bs_kandi_kay

dont forget my website too – www.kandikay.com

i have a amazing shoot lines up for the end of this month, the 31st, something very different, and i will defo be pushing the bounderies.. its with a new photographer in london and i am soooo excited to work with him, and i know hes got great ideas and is very creative so makesure you keep an eye out for that.

Appart frm that i have been doing some other bits of work.. including some naughty webcam frm home.. this is something i am really getting in to and i love interacting with you all … getting filthy, and i have ordered lots of themed outfits and fetish stuf for this so i have fun dressing up for you too. www.glamourstarslive.com

anyway am off guys .. stay sexi and i will spk to you all soon.. love Kandi xxx <3



Halloween, paddling pools and sexy photo shoots!

hi guys .. well i hope you all had a good halloween weekend.. as you will hav seen i worked that wkend .. and had a little dress up as a naughty devil for yu! hope you all liked it.. we had a great night with everyone feeling horny and gettin in the mood for it.. i had my own halloween party at home too.. we wont even go there, that got especially naughty and didnt finish till the next morning! lol ;-)

ive just gt back home after a couple nights at babestation.. was good, loved it… you guys are on top form at the moment, keeping me well entertained haha… also a lot of you are managing to hold on a lot longer than usual.. this is always a good thing guys … i love the build up to a sexy call makes it that little bit more horny.. you all had me soaking wet. speaking of being wet.. did u lot see my girl tiffany in her little paddling pool.. i was sat naked behind the camara… with the squirty cream.. mmmmm sexiii!! hope you liked the school girl outfit – as you know my fave fantasy! ;-)

anyway i am not going to back now till next mon – 14th so make sure you all have a great wkend and i will spk to you al then..

i have another shoot coming up in decmber for my website – xmas theme and id like some more ideas off yu all .. what do u wanna see me doing boys – choice is yours!

love and kisses Kandi Kay x <3



New Shoots!

Hey, had a great time last weekend at babestation – loved working with my girls tiff, georgie, we had fun, got up to no good on the beds and behind the scenes! lol i seem to have quite a big following from scotland .. soooo many horny scottish men calling so another big shout to them! also .. thanks to nick for his sweet call.. and my newest fan Charlie from london!!!
ready to do it allll again this sat (17th) will just be doing the two nights this weekend – sat, sun then i am off till beginning oct, so don’t miss it!
also i just did a shoot for my website .. proberly one of the hottest so far.. a lot of themed outfits and sets so if your in to fantasies then this will be exactly what u need.. my best one was school girl, a personal fave of mine!!! little white pumps, pigtails the lot! ha , i also done a gothic/domination set lots of pvc, gloves and red lips.. super sexi, you dont get to see me much on set like this guys so its not to be missed. as you all know i am pushing the boundaries with things at the moment so there is also a completely naked set on there where i wear just a gold belly chain! other sets included LBD and a silk scarf wrapped round my body!

anyway guys – i need to go jump in a nice hot bath and relax.. my body aches after all that thrusting and fucking on screen! lol

speak to all of you saturday nite – call me. <3

love Kandi x



Birthday Celebrations

Hey guys!

I had great bday, drinks with my sexy girls, georgie, leah j, annie bullah, ella, paige.. started off at a top london hotel, then we were naughty and went to a strip club.. ;) The girls paid for me to get sexi with one of the dancers then we moved on to club party hard all nite!! We all looked amazin and had the best nite!! Can’t wait to do it all again nxt year!

Its been ages since i’ve been on the shows. I’ve missed you all loads but I’m back on Monday night (29th August) so make sure u come say hi then.

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone xxx

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